SSDI Benefits Attorney in PA & NY



Mechanicsburg, PA - Filing a claim for SSDI Benefits (Social Security Disability benefits) may appear to be a relatively simple process for the uninitiated. However, it has been estimated that nearly two thirds of every claim are initially denied. The appeals process can be a monumental, time consuming and frustrating undertaking. Therefore, many people who are legitimately entitled to SSDI benefits may simply "give up" when they receive an initial denial of their claim.

Having a qualified attorney with knowledge of the process can make the initial application for benefits or an appeal process a lot less painful and improve the chance of success during any stage of the process. It is with that, that Michael C. Giordano, Attorney & Counselor at Law is pleased to announce that he is now accepting Social Security disability cases in Pennsylvania, as he has in New York for the past three years, to ensure you're receiving the guidance and benefits you deserve.

"We want our potential clients to realize the importance of being represented by a well trained, qualified Social Security Claims Lawyer. At the end of the day, what ultimately matters to me is increasing the potential for a successful outcome and reducing the pain involved in filing a claim or an appeal for disability benefits," says Giordano.

Giordano adds, "We also want our potential clients to understand that our fee is based on our success in the process; if we don't win the case we receive no fee. If we do win the case our fee will be paid from the past due benefits and capped as mandated by the Social Security Administration. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about SSDI benefits to contact us for a complimentary, confidential evaluation of your claim."

About Giordano Law

Mr. Giordano's practice is predominantly focused on serving the needs of his clients in the areas of Elder Law, Guardianships, Social Security Disability, Veterans Benefits Law, Wills, Trusts & Estates and Business Law. His Blauvelt, New York, office serves the Hudson Valley and Rockland, Orange, Duchess, Putnam and Westchester Counties. His newly opened Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania office serves Cumberland County, including Mechanicsburg Borough, Camp Hill, Carlisle and the townships of Hampden, Upper Allen, Lower Allen, Monroe, Silver Spring, East Pennsboro and Monaghan. Mr. Giordano prides himself on customized, professional and friendly service with competitive area rates.