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Mechanicsburg Estate Attorney

Michael C. Giordano's Wills, Trusts Probate & Estate Planning practice includes:

  • Preparation of simple and complex wills and trusts
  • Structuring gift giving programs
  • Planning for the disposition of insurance proceeds and retirement plan benefits
  • Representing executors and beneficiaries throughout the probate process.
  • Litigation involving contested estates.
  • Coordinating arrangements for the transfer of family business interests, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals

Did you know that about 70% of persons die without a current Will? That is a tragic mistake unless you believe that the government can do a better job of handling your assets and children than you. Here are

8 Reasons You Need a Will NOW!

1. With a Will, you (and not the state) decide who will receive your assets.

2. With a Will, you (and not the state) get to decide who will become guardian of your minor children.

3. With a Will, you (and not the state) get to decide who will administer your estate.

4. With a Will, you can guarantee that assets left to a loved one can be protected against creditors.

5. With a Will, you can specify at what age your children will receive their share of your estate, rather than it passing at age 18, when many children are still too immature to handle money wisely.

6. With a Will, you can incorporate tax saving techniques so that more of your estate goes to loved ones (rather than the IRS!)

7. Even if you have a living trust, a Will is essential to ensure that all of your property (even property which was inadvertently left out of the trust or was received too late to transfer to the trust) goes to the loved ones you choose.

8. A Will allows you to clearly indicate state of domicile (the state where an individual has a fixed and permanent residence for legal purposes, as compared to where the individual may live temporarily ); especially important to persons who have residences in multiple states and can save thousands of dollars in estate or inheritance taxes.

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If you wonder whether you need a will, want to update an existing will or have other legal needs such as estate planning or setting up a trust, call Michael to set up your free, no obligation consultation today.